Exp3D is a space shooter I released on Android in 2013.
I began writing it from scratch during my free time, back in 2011 when Android was exploding. During the development, desktop support (Windows/Linux/Mac) was added, followed by a WebGL port by transcompiling to pure Javascript.
The source code is freely available on GitHub.


The game runs on top of a minimalistic multiplatform framework I wrote from scratch. The source is entirely in Java, there is no “native” code included. The main loop doesn’t perform any dynamic allocation to maintain a constant 60FPS with 0 GC pauses, this was achieved by relying heavily on object pooling. 95% of the code (25k lines) is written on top of this framework and thus is shared between the different platforms.

The rendering engine can run on either a fixed-pipeline (OpenGL ES 1.1) or a programmable-pipeline (OpenGL ES 2.0, WebGL).

The WebGL version was quite straight-forward to create: I got it working over a week-end using GWT to transcompile the Java codebase into Javascript.

If you want to know more details about the architecture of Exp3D you can read a post about it on the Breaking Byte blog.