This page is an interactive guide for initializing an IRKit device.
It is 100% browser-based so it works on any platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows...

It will:
  • obtain an API key from the servers.
  • tell your IRKit device how to connect to your home wifi network.

If you don't need cloud-control through servers, you can flash a custom firmware and go directly to step 3.
Update: IRKit cloud service having been shut down you absolutely must flash a custom firmware and go to to step 3 directly.

You should follow this guide on a device with wifi support, to be able to communicate with IRKit.

1. Obtain an API key

If you already have an API key feel free to skip this step.

The API key is used to control your IRKit device from the cloud.
Simply use the form below to receive an API key:

2. Obtain a device key

Using the API key you received by email, you can obtain a special token for one IRKit device.

3. Connect to the IRKit wifi network

Plug your IRKit device (micro-USB connector). It will turn on and the LED should blink red to indicate the device is in setup-mode.

While in setup mode, the device exposes its own wifi network, it is broadcasted with an SSID beginning with "IRKit" and secured with WPA2.
Connect to the IRKit wifi network with the device you use to read this guide. (Don't close this web-page! You need to follow the rest of the guide after you join the IRKit wifi.)

Once you're connected to the IRKit wifi, go back to your web-browser and proceed to the next step.

4. Tell IRKit to join your home wifi network

Fill the following form with your wifi network name (SSID), the password and the security algorithm it uses.

The device key should have been already filled for you when you did step 2. Note that if you're using a custom firmware with cloud-feature turned off you can leave the key field empty.

5. All set!

Your IRKit device now knows about your home wifi network.
It will disable its own "IRKit" wifi network and connect to yours. The LED flashing green means the device is connecting to your wifi, finally it turns blue when the connection is established.

Congratulations! Your IRKit is now ready to accept commands.

Bonus features

You can try these once your device is set-up.

Read an IR signal

You can ask your IRKit to read an IR command.
Point a remote control to IRKit and press a button, IRKit should blink blue to indicate it picked-up the signal.
Then use the form below to retrieve the signal data.

Make IRKit send an IR signal

You can replay any signal you retrieved.
Simply copy-paste the data you got when using the form above into the field below.