Last version 0.5
Date May 20th 2009
Platform OS independent
License GPLv2
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MiniCopier is a graphical copy manager. It provides more comfort and control over files copy operations than basic OS functions.
With MiniCopier it is possible to queue several transfers, resume a copy that has failed, limit the speed or pause the copy. If a transfer fails, an error is logged and the rest of the queue is treated.
MiniCopier tries to include most of the features of SuperCopier (Windows-only software) into a completely multi-platform program.

It is fully operational on Linux, Windows and MacOS X systems.
This software is published under the GNU GPL.


MiniCopier Screenshot     MiniCopier Screenshot


  • Treatment of the transfers one after the other
  • Add new transfers to the queue while a copy is already being processed
  • Dynamic management of the queue of remaining transfers
  • Pause a copy
  • Limit the speed of the copy
  • Skip current transfer to proceed to the next one
  • Resume a copy at the exact point where it failed (no need to start over)
  • Choose another name for the target if a file already exists
  • Can follow or ignore symbolic links (Unix systems only)
  • Set a default behavior if target file already exists
  • Keeps track of the transfers which failed.

Download Download

Source code (GPL): GitHub repository or original tarball


The installation with Windows should be straightforward.

If you use the archive version, there is no need of installation, however you will need the Java Virtual Machine (Java Runtime Environment 5.0 minimum).
For example, with Ubuntu :
sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre


You can launch MiniCopier with the sh script included in the archive. It is also possible, depending on your distribution, to right-click on the MiniCopier.jar file, and “Open with Sun Java 5.0 Runtime”.

Drag and drop files or folders you wish to copy on the basket icon. You can do this several times, send multiple files simultaneously… When you want to paste the basket content, just drag and drop a destination folder on the icon on the right.

While queue is being processed, you can, at any time, pause the copy, skip current transfer to proceed to the next one, or manage queue composition.