Website Makeover

It was high-time to make some change to this website.
I hadn’t touch its design since 2007: back then the web was all about “XHTML 1.0” and “CSS 2”, it was the good old time where you would prefer a GIF over a PNG just to make sure your images with transparency don’t look completely messed up inside Internet Explorer…

When I made the Breaking Byte website, I had a good experience with Jekyll and Octopress.

So I got rid of the old PHP files I had here, moved everything to Octopress, customized the theme and here we are:
an HTML5 website, with CSS3, responsive layout compatible with mobile, blog engine, social media integration and code syntax highlighting.

Oh and transferring the website to a new host was super-easy: no need for PHP anymore, all the pages are pre-generated, you simply need Apache serving static HTML files.