ant AntSims is a graphical simulator of an anthill. It was written to illustrate principles such as cellular automatons, software agents and artificial intelligence.

The simulation is composed of a large grid where agents (ants) can move. There is also a certain number of resources present on the grid. These resources are randomly distributed at the beginning of the simulation.

The default behavior of the ant is to move in a random way, each of the direction having the same probability to be chosen. However the moves can be influenced by the presence of pheromones, or by an attraction field.

Concerning the attitude towards the resources, the ant will tend to grab isolated resources. On the opposite it will be more likely to drop the resource in an area where many resources of the same kind are already present. Of course as the simulation goes on, resources tend to be more and more aggregated.

The behavior of a single agent is easy to define with simple rules. This is when many agents are put together that a group behavior appears, like a global intelligence.


AntSims screenshot
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