Funding Calculator

The funding calculator is an illustration of the fuzzy logic.
Basically it takes in input various funding sources, with the amount you hope to receive (the range doesn’t have to be precise) as well as the reliability of the source.

For example, you could assume about some sources:
“I’m sure to get 1000$ subsidies from the government.”
“It is likely I get between 5000$ and 8000$ from my bank, but it could go up to 10000$.”
“Maybe I can get 1500$ from my associates but this is not sure.”

When the situation is not clear and when you are not sure about the amount you can get from each sources, it might be difficult to determine the total amount possible.
The funding calculator takes all the parameters into account and tells you the total amount of money you can hope.
The result is delivered both under a textual and a graphical form.
The graphical form shows the degree of possibility of different situations.


Screenshot1 Screenshot2

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