KANA Trainer

Last version 0.2
Date September 8th 2007
Platform Texas Instrument TI-89
License GPL
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KANA Trainer is a small program written in Basic for the TI-89 calculator. It is designed for beginner Japanese learners and aims to help with the memorization of Kana characters (Hiragana and Katakana).

It uses the principle of flashcards: the original expression is written on the front side of the card and the translation is on the back. The calculator shows you a random character and you must find the translation, you can then check your answer by pressing Enter.
The calculator can ask for a translation from Hiragana, Katakana, or Rômaji. You can also limit the quizz to the first N rows of the table to learn gradually.


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Download Download

Installation Notes

Upload the two files HIRAGANA.89G and KATAKANA.89G to your calculator.
Upload KANA-EN.89P if your language is English, or KANA-FR.89P if it is French.

Command Buttons

Enter: display translation / ask for a new character to guess
ESC: terminate application