Last version 0.1
Date August 2009
Platform Sony PSP
License GPL
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PSPLyrics is a homebrew which displays lyrics synchronized with the music as a song is being played.
It includes its own MP3 player (MP3 ME Player) and is able to read LRC files that are widely available on the internet.

PSPLyrics can handle most of the sets of characters, including non-latin ones like Japanese or Chinese symbols.
(Make sure your LRC files are UTF-8 encoded.)

If your PSP hasn’t been modified you cannot use this homebrew. You need a custom firmware, PSPLyrics has been successfully tested against a 5.0 M33-4.


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Download Download


To install PSPLyrics, extract the archive at the root of your memory stick.

The program will look for MP3 files located in the /MUSIC folder.
Lyrics files (.lrc) must be inside the /LRC folder. The LRC file must have the same name as the corresponding MP3 file (except for the extension).
If you experience some problem with the display of the lyrics, make sure your LRC files are UTF-8 encoded.


Credits go to:

  • the ps2dev community for their great work on the PSP SDK.
  • caliarbor, sakya, joek2100 for their sample codes to play mp3 files through the PSP’s Media Engine.
  • BenHur for the excellent intraFont library.