Introducing IRKit Web Remote

I previously wrote about the IRKit device and how to set it up from a basic webpage.

The setup guide was handy as a proof of concept, but I was still lacking a way to organize efficiently all the IR commands I recorded from various remote controls.

So here comes IRKit Web Remote: a web-solution to control and dispatch commands from a web-browser.
I host it on a small Raspberry Pi so anybody in the family can just fire-up a browser on the phone, open the page and send commands.
Having everything centralized on the server is really useful when I need to add new commands: I simply update the web page on the server and I don’t have to care about maintaining clients one by one, clients will get the latest features upon the next page reload.

A few features of IRKit Web Remote:

  • supports sending one single command or a series of command (with custom delays between each)
  • command buffer to avoid overloading IRKit, with current queue visual feedback. Queue is also cancellable.
  • any size of screen supported thanks to the responsive design of Bootstrap
  • can be exposed to the Internet (a script forward the POST request within the LAN)
  • includes the interactive guide to do the initial setup of a new IRKit device
  • easy to tune and adapt to your needs

The code is on GitHub, feel free to grab it and play with it.