IRKit Web Remote

Last version 0.1
Date February 2015
Platform Browser
License MIT
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IRKit Web Remote is a web-interface able to dispatch IR commands to IRKit devices. Control your home appliances through your browser - even from outside your home.


  • Define your own IR commands and series of commands, with timing information.
  • Mobile and desktop-friendly with a responsive design.
  • Can be exposed to the Internet: control your devices from outside your home.
  • Command queue to avoid overloading IRKit. Queue is cancellable.
  • Can initialize any IRKit device still in factory-settings.



IRKit receives commands from the wifi network and dispatch them through IR emissions.


Download Download

You can deploy to any web-server as long as it can serve static files through HTTP.

Resource about IRKit

I wrote a few entries explaining how to set-up IRKit or customize the firmware.